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Specialists in Cyber

Advance your cyber security programme

Securing Digital Futures

At CY2, our mission is to lead the way in shaping a secure digital future for our customers through cyber consultancy, training and exercising in hyper-realistic environments.


We're passionate about our community, with outreach programmes that start building futures before bright minds even join the workforce.


We are dedicated to advancing our customer's abilities in cyber security by fostering innovation, knowledge dissemination, and collaboration to address the evolving challenges in the cyber domain, driven by our research and development.

Cyber Security Consultancy

We provide a niche range of cyber security consultancy services, from penetration testing to forensic investigation and everything in between.

Cyber Training and Exercising

We are experts in cyber training and exercising design, delivery and continual improvement.

Arena Learning Management System

Arena is an interoperable training platform designed for learners, mentors, teams and recruitment. 

Exmato Exercise Management

Exmato is an ISO 22398 aligned Exercise Management application that caters for all types of exercises.

Outreach and Engagements

We have a track record of delivering STEM outreach programmes and events across the UK.

Research and Development

Being techies at heart, R&D is at the centre of what we do. We provide our clients with bespoke R&D services to deliver their requirements.

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